Zero waste gift ideas for everyone: Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, Collapsible Mug, Cutlery Set, Reusable Straw

The Best Zero Waste Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

Written by Micaela Sauve


The holiday season is one of the most wasteful times of the year. In the US alone, 25% more trash is thrown away during the Thanksgiving to New Year's holiday period than any other time of year [1]. This year we are focused on inspiring people to give gifts that have a positive impact on their recipient’s life and our planet.

A zero-waste lifestyle is focused on the prevention of waste, aims to minimize the use of resources and encourages the redesign of product life cycles so that all products are reused. 

Inspire your loved ones to make more sustainable choices every day by introducing them to the joy of supporting small-medium sustainable brands instead of large-scale (& wasteful) retailers. 

Here are 15 sustainable, zero waste gifts for everyone on your list:


Self-Care Enthusiast


Net Zero Co. Zero Waste Self Care Collection placed in the bathroom counter


The selfcare enthusiast is someone in your life who is trying to perfect their skincare routine, appreciates a clean ingredients list and loves an aesthetically-pleasing bathroom shelf. Their routine might need a revamp if the amount of plastic in their cabinet is out of control!


1. Reusable Cotton Rounds

Cotton should not be used as a single-use item as it is grown with a massive use of pesticides, fertilizers, and water. Reusable cotton rounds have many uses from cleansing to removing nail polish. The secret to a good round lies in a double-sided design that features a plush velour side that glides across your skin (because less tugging means less wrinkles) and a mild terry cloth side that removes tough products.


2. Safety Razor


    Disposable razors are one of the most wasteful skin care products out there. Traditional plastic razors are virtually impossible to recycle and eventually end up in our landfills. Safety razors are built to last, and the only waste is the steel blades which most municipalities can recycle (please check your municipalities rules before disposing). They are simple to use and just need the blades switched when they become dull.


    3. Bamboo Hair Brush


    As the rounded bristle heads increase blood flow to the scalp helping hair grow faster and stronger your recipient will love how versatile this brush is. It can be used on wet or dry hair to brush through tangles, give hair a quick midday touch-up, or used to style with a blow dryer.

    Be sure when purchasing bamboo products that they are made with sustainably sourced bamboo like the brush shown here.


     4/5.  Face & Hair Care Bars


    Bring a spa-like experience home by upgrading their shower routine with this soothing shampoo bar and conditioner bar that will leave their hair feeling nourished. You can top it off with our gentle face bar that delivers moisture and leaves their skin glowing. A single bar replaces 2-3 plastic bottles!


    Net Zero Co. Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Travellers. On-the-go kits.


    The traveller is someone in your life who is always on the go whether that be for work, errands or fun. This person typically gets one too many single use cups, utensils and food containers as they are constantly fueling their body on the go!

    6. Insulated Water Bottle with Handle


    A reusable must-have for the gym, school, sports practice, at home or simply anytime one is on the go is a reusable water bottle. This bamboo topped bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours without sweating or a change in the exterior temperature. 

    7. Bamboo Cutlery Set


    Featuring a spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, straw, cleaning brush, and adorable handkerchief, your gift recipient would have everything they could possibly need in this cutlery set to enjoy a wide variety of meals on the go.


    8. Portable Collapsible Coffee Mug


    Perfect for the busy coffee or tea lover in your life, this reusable coffee cup provides a convenient way to enjoy one’s morning cup without having to lug around a bulky thermos! 

    9. Reusable Keychain Straw


      This portable straw is small in size with a case and carabiner keychain so they can keep it with their keys or attached to their bag. It comes with a stainless-steel cleaning brush that fits inside the straw during transport so they can clean it anywhere.


      Home Chef / Baker (Kitchen & Cleaning)

      Net Zero Co. Zero Waste Baking Bundle


      The home chef / baker is someone in your life who is always in their kitchen, hosting or bringing food when they see you. They are always going to the grocery store, ending up with a lot of leftovers and even more dishes. They need help keeping their waste low and clean up easy.


      10. Reusable Baking Mat


      Typical baking paper (alternatively known as parchment paper) isn't recyclable. It's coated and contains bleach and dioxins which aren't great for you or our planet. They are made with 100% FDA & LFGB approved Silicone. These reusable baking mats are non-stick which ensures easy use and even easier clean up.


      11. Reusable Cupcake/Muffin Cups


      With their versatile design, you can not only use reusable cupcake liners to bake your muffins and cupcakes but even as dividers in lunchboxes to keep food items appropriately separated. They are freezer and dishwasher safe to make sure both storing and cleaning are hassle-free.


      12. Reusable Produce Bags


      Handmade with GOTS certified organic cotton and a wooden toggle, these reusable produce bags come in 5 sizes. They are machine washable to ensure easy washing and have the tare weight conveniently written to ensure the cashier can easily deduct their weight. They completely remove the need to single use plastic produce bags.


      13. Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps


      Reusable wraps are made to replace plastic wrap, foil, and other commonly used food wrappers. They are perfect for preserving virtually any food (both big and small) as they allow you to effortlessly keep food fresh without drying it out! Simply just hand wash with cold soapy water. 


      14. Plant Based Cleaning Brush Set


        This assortment of plastic free brushes sets your recipient up to make every area of their cleaning routine sustainable.

        It comes with an Oval Scrubbing Brush that is versatile enough to clean anything from the tub to the counter, a Dishwasher Brush, a Pot Scrubber Brush, a Bottle Brush, and even a Vegetable Brush.

         Net Zero Co. Gift Card Design - Turtle hardly distinguishing plastic vs. jellyfish. Text: Shop to make a difference.


        Bonus: If you are unsure of what the recipient needs, a gift card is the way to go. Just make sure it’s an e-card as it is estimated that each physical gift card contains about five grams of PVC (which is really hard to recycle) and generates around 21 grams of CO2. 


        1. S. Blount, “Tis the take out the trash?,” NEEF. [Online]. Available:

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