You Will Save this MUCH by Bring Your Own Water Bottle

You Will Save this MUCH by Bring Your Own Water Bottle

When you bring your own water bottle with you wherever you go, it's a win-win for you and the planet. When you think about the money you are wasting by buying bottled water when out and about, using a reusable bottle really does seem like a no brainer. And that is even before you think about the plastic waste your generating – and all the energy and resources wasted along the way.


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How Much Money Bringing Your Own Water Bottle Could Save


Bottled water is on average 2,000 x more expensive than tap water! The exact cost of buying bottled water can obviously vary considerably depending on where you buy it, and which brand you choose. But it is clear that when you bring your own tap water from home, the savings do really start to mount up.

If you buy one bottle of water each day, the costs can be staggering when added up over the course of a year. Each individual purchase might not seem like much. But over time, the savings of switching to your own water bottle can be considerable. Just think about all the uses you could find for that extra cash!

Buy one of our stainless steel double walls insulated water bottles for just $29.99, and this is the equivalent to buying around 55 bottles of Nestle's Pure Life or other similar bottled water brands. (Based on the average price for a 24 pack of $12.87).  You'll get even fewer bottles for the price if you buy bottles individually. And of course, many other brands are far more expensive.

Of course, you can use your reusable water bottle for much longer than 55 days. So you'll quickly recoup the money you spend and begin to save.

Remember, you can use your own water bottle for other beverages too. So over time, the savings can be even more pronounced. You'll quickly recoup the initial outlay and begin to save.

You might think that you're paying more for bottled water because it tastes better, or because you are getting a healthier product. No. In fact, many bottled water companies are simply using municipal water supplies and selling tap water back to you at inflated prices! And in blind taste tests, tap water often comes out on top. When you buy bottled water, you are throwing your money away.


How Much You Can Reduce Waste When You Bring Your Own Water Bottle


Plastic bottles waste 

Each plastic water bottle you buy takes a huge toll on our planet. There is not just the plastic waste to think about.

Of course, the plastic bottles contribute to the plastic waste crisis on our planet. When we drink from plastic bottles, we don't just have to worry about plastic waste ending up in our oceans and despoiling our landscapes. We should also be worrying about micro-plastic particles that end up in our own bodies when we drink from plastic containers. Scientists know we are all ingesting plastic – but they don't yet entirely understand all the negative effects that are having on our bodies.

But the waste generated from the creation of plastic bottles goes far beyond the plastic waste. Buying bottled water also wastes vast quantities of energy – that goes into making these bottles in the first place. And the bottled water industry also wastes a lot of water and other resources too.

Waste is not just about protecting ecosystems and wildlife. It's about our own health too, and the health and wellbeing of other people around the world. Waste is something that affects us all, on a daily basis, whether we are aware of it or not.

Switching to reusable containers and making sure we bring a water bottle with us wherever we go is one way we can all make a big difference.

Per capita consumption of bottled water in gallons in the US in 2019 was a staggering 43.7 gallons. So it is easy to see just how rapidly the waste generated mounts up.



Making the swap to a reusable water bottle is not difficult. It is not less convenient. It saves money and helps save our planet. So all in all, there is absolutely no reason not to make the switch. If you do just one thing to move towards a zero-waste lifestyle, then choosing to bring your own water bottle should be near the top of the list.


Bye-bye piggy bank, let us save money with our bottle now! :D

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