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Gifts for the Coworker

Versatile low-waste gifts for your colleague that get them looking forward to a productive day and lunchtime.

2 options
2 options
Holding Large Canvas Tote Bag With Pockets With Turtle Jellyfish Design For Groceries
3 options
Canvas Tote Bag With Side Panels And Pockets For Everyday Use
3 options
Net Zero Co. E-Gift Card
6 options
6 options | $25.00
Gift Cards
3 Reviews
From $25.00
3 options
3 options | Green Tea
Dish Block Refill
Green Tea
2 Reviews
From $10.99
2 options
2 options | Zesty Lime
Reusable Eco-Duster
Zesty Lime
23 Reviews
2 options
2 options | Zesty Lime
Reusable Eco-Duster Head Refill
Zesty Lime
4 Reviews
Holding Konjac Facial Sponge For Gentle Exfoliation
1 options
2 options
2 options | Green Tea
Dish Block Cylinder
Green Tea
1 Review
Stain Bar Travel Kit
Stain Bar Set
Stain Bar Refill Box

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