Net Zero Co. Collections

Where functional meets sustainable.

Kitchen & Dining

Enter your kitchen and be surrounded by a warm, sustainable aura.

Replacing your plastic wrap and single-use sandwich baggies with quality (and Earth friendly) food storage alternatives for on-the-go will set you for life!

On The Go

We get it. You're busy doing stuff in the world.

But don't let that make you forget about the world we live in!

Here is our collection of handy on-the-go reusables to replace those pesky disposables when you're out.

Green Cleaning

Who said cleaning can't be stylish?

Natural, chic, and so easy to use, our compostable cleaning range is here to help your home shine!

Sustainable Self Care

Give your bathroom the eco chic update it deserves!

Watch your waste minimize and feel good about treating your body with quality natural products.


Our Promise

Plastic is the most pervasive material in the world. We're here to do something about it. With your help, we’ve been able to propel the low-waste lifestyle since 2018.

We plant a tree with every order, and offer plastic-free shipping and a 90-day happiness guarantee on all products.