Green Year Ahead!

Nurture the young minds with sustainable alternatives.

Get ready for an eco-school year with fresh and sustainable school supplies that will make a positive impact on our future.

Lunch break will be both satisfying and sustainable!

Pack Lunch with a Purpose

Say goodbye to single-use plastics and welcome our eco-friendly lunchbox solutions. Choose from our range of reusable and durable lunch containers, crafted with the environment in mind.

Pack Snacks Responsibly

Never use a single-use plastic zip lock bag again. Seal with an airtight food-grade silicone storage bag.

Zero Waste Cutlery to Replace Wasteful Plastics

Kiss the flimsy single-use plastic cutlery goodbye (for life!) and bring your own cutlery for the best dining experience. Stash these neat pouches in your bag!

Sip, Drink, and Be Merry Without Single-Use

Be proud to say "no thank you!" to the next straw or plastic bottle offered to you. With our beautiful collection of sippables, you'll never look back.

Pack It All Up In An Insulated Munchie Bag

This insulated lunch bag will have you looking forward to your lunch break daily! Keep food hot or cold throughout the day at work, school, trip, or on a picnic.

Empowering Minds, Minimizing Footprints🌎

I can see why these tins are often out of stock.

The quality is superior, there is a silicon/rubber lining built into the lid to prevent spills. The separator is handy for keeping dividing portions or separating dips and the sizes are generous. Highly recommend!

- Toni H.

Fabulous addition to reduce waste

I love my lunch box, cutlery set and wax paper. I prep my food regularly for school and this set really has helped keep me organized, food fresh and knowing I am reducing waste.

- Hanna C.


30 Day Happiness Guarantee

Discover your ultimate eco-swap for this school year and do your part in protecting our beautiful planet.