We’re Making A Move

We’re Making A Move

Updated 9/26/2022: Here's what you should know about our fulfillment.

  1. We're shipping all our Canada orders from Vancouver, BC.
  2. We're shipping all our US orders from Chicago, IL (as usual).
  3. Free shipping on all orders $80+ (as usual).


Here are some photos from the new set up!

 Getting unpacked.


What do you think of our new set up?


First order from the new space!



Our mission is simple. To offer sustainable alternatives to daily essentials and provide exceptional customer service to our amazing Net Zero Fam. And to keep improving while doing so.

Since 2018, we’ve had the honor of serving our community from Alaska to Florida, and everywhere in between (including Canada!). Over the years, we’ve been able to continue improving our logistics to pack and ship waste-free, shorten travel distances, and eliminate duties.

We began fulfillment for our fellow Canadians from a remote warehouse in Brampton, Ontario since the end of 2021. Admittedly and regrettably, we’ve had a rocky start with the fulfillment; turns out, the busiest gifting time of the year is not a good time to make a major operational change. Things slowly improved throughout the months, but we consistently felt as though we could do more for our Canadian customers.

We decided to take over Canadian fulfillment; thus, bringing our goods here to Vancouver, BC.

With this investment, we believe that we could sincerely improve our service to you long-term:

  • Stable order processing times
  • Better packing accuracy
  • Customize shipments

  • On August 12th, 2022, our products are packed up and begin their journey west. We hope to begin fulfilling from HQ starting September.

    We’re ecstatic about this big change in our Canadian operations. We’re also looking forward to:

    • Curbside pickup for Greater Vancouver
    • More local events and life-sized Earth cameos
    • Potential retail for in-person shopping

    Thank you for letting us be a part of your sustainability journey—and thank you for being a part of ours. 

    Please count on us to continue improving our service and products for you!


    Kiwi & The Net Zero Co. Team

    P.S. Stay in touch with us through our Instagram and TikTok.

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