Rejoicing after winning some plastic free produce bags.

A Plastic Free July Event Reflection

Written by Scott Whiteis.


I can honestly say that dressing up like Earth to go out to the beach or a market in order to talk to people and give away products, gift cards and laughs is not something that I ever thought I would do. What started as an offhand joke has become such a fulfilling part of this job and it’s got everything to do with the people in this world. We recently finished one of these events where we get to go out into the world to meet people and it serves as a reminder that while virtual meetings are convenient, takeout is comfortable and online shopping is so easy, there is no replacement for the feeling you get when you’re around others.


Our most recent event served as a reminder of this. We met Nina and her infectious smile. We met Margeory and Star with their confident, caring and carefree vibe on life that just came through. People could survive for days on the energy that Rosy, Mira, Shreiya and Olivia brought. That kind of energy crackles and surges to the people around them and you just do not get that anywhere but in real life. Keep it up future leaders! We also sensed the love that Kyla has for our planet and in turn, the love that her dad has for her. You can feel that kind of bond when you’re there next to someone. I could go on and on because everyone we met last week was so unique and energizing in their own way, even those who just walked by laughing and shaking their heads.


Girls high-fiving after getting the plastic-free question right.


All that is to say, thank you. Thank you to everyone for enduring a difficult couple of years. Thank you to those of you who have laughed with us in person, laughed with us online and been a part of what we’re doing. Thank you for going back out into the world and thank you to those of you who took the time to answer some questions and have a little fun with us. A special thank you to those who let it get a little bit silly! Life can be wild and busy and overwhelming for anyone so when you have the chance to get out into the world and have some fun, I encourage you to take it. You never know what you might find - there could be free Net Zero Strips and a walking planet Earth just around the corner!


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