Homemade Gifts for Father's Day

Homemade Gifts for Father's Day

This Father's Day, consider sustainable, home-made gifts that you could give. Making use of natural or reclaimed resources is a great way to go greener. Here are just a few homemade gifts you could consider giving to your dad this Father's Day:

Natural Gifts For Father's Day

  • A tree. (Perhaps a fruit tree, or a particularly beautiful ornamental shade tree, for example.)
  • Potted plants (For the garden, or houseplants for inside the home.)
Potted plants Homemade Gifts for Father's Day
  • Seeds or seedlings to expand his home-growing efforts.
  • DIY seed paper/ seed bombs that he can sow to attract wildlife in the garden.
  • Preserves, condiments or other edible treats using produce from your garden or sustainable local food.
  • Items such as soaps or grooming products made from home-grown flowers and herbs.
  • Homemade paper for a stationery gift set.
  • A DIY wicker basket or storage bin.
  • A hand-made wooden box, coasters or other simple wood-working projects.
  • Hand-carved wooden utensils for a keen cook.
  • Place mats that have been hand woven, or made from sections of bamboo cane and natural twine for those fathers who love to serve and dine.
  • Homemade pottery items or clay sculptures.
  • Or an amazing DIY clay/cob pizza oven for his garden.
  • Greenwood furniture.
  • A beautiful artwork made with natural paints/ charcoal or other sustainable materials.

Upcycled and Second Hand Gifts For Father's Day

  • A hand-knitted sweater, hat or scarf made from reclaimed yarn.
  • A briefcase or bag made from reclaimed materials.
  • Old/ vintage clothing made new with some personal touches.
Homemade Gifts for Father's Day
  • An apron made from reclaimed material for the keen cook or crafter.
  • A DIY barbecue (made from an old metal drum, for example) for the father who loves to grill.
  • A DIY solar oven made from reclaimed materials to give him more opportunities to cook outdoors.
  • Upcycled furniture for his home office or garden shed.
  • A DIY rug or other soft furnishings made from scrap materials.
  • Upcycled, wooden handled garden tools. (You could give old tools a new lease of life, repair them, and customize them using, for example, pyrography techniques to engrave his name or a favorite saying on the handles.
  • A vertical garden, garden seating, or planter made from reclaimed wood pallets for the keen gardener.

Of course, there are plenty more ideas out there to consider. Think about your own dad and what he personally might like. Use your imagination and you are sure to be able to come up with plenty of great gift ideas.


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