Hand holding small silicone zip sealer with reusable toilet paper cloths.

What You Need To Know About Our New And Improved Sealer

Written by Catt Kim.

Silicone Sealer Bags are one of Net Zero Co.’s first products—one that symbolizes the essence of what we’re all about.

An intuitive and practical reusable that is built to last.

It turns out they’ve become our best-selling product over the years, and we have the honor of helping 43,000 households switch to sealers (thank you!).

We received both kind and constructive feedback on this product; here’s what I want you to know about our revised Sealer.

The Greatest Pain Point With The Bags

Some of our customers swear by our Sealers because of the external slider; some of our customers thought this feature fell short.

Our customers have shared their experiences and suggestions with us over the years.

Silicone sealer bag Net Zero Co. review by customer.

Some of our customers broke their sliders, and some had trouble with the mechanism. We realized that while it was effective at solving the waste problem, it was not entirely friendly to those with arthritis, for example.



The Next Logical Step

So what was the best solution? Go topless.

We made sure to adhere to our 9 Product Design Guidelines:

  • Effective - Does it solve a specific wasteful problem?
  • Simple - What features can we eliminate while maximizing functionality?
  • Durable - Is it built to last?
  • Authentic - Does it suit our customers’ creative lifestyles?
  • Timeless - Is the aesthetic appealing as trends pass?
  • Material - Is it made with approved materials, best suited for the function, and with minimal waste?
  • Safe - Does it align with our banned list of ingredients?
  • Easy care - Is it easy to clean and reuse?
  • End-of-life - Can it be refilled, composted, or recycled?

After checking off all the boxes in our countless design renditions, we finally felt confident to move to the next step.

Silicone Zip Sealer design file.

We’re proud to work with a manufacturer in China that aligns with our values and our budget for machinery.



The Final Product: Silicone Zip Sealer

The no-slider, plastic-free, platinum food-grade silicone sealer (say that 5x times).

Silicone Zip Sealers Intro GIf.

Now comes in five sizes, with the same airtight seal and timeless design. Dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and sous vide safe.

Here’s how you can seal differently:

  • Pocket size - handy for coins, flash drives, and vitamins
  • Small - great for tissues, pet treats, and teas
  • Medium - perfect for snacks, storing meat, and sous vide
  • Large - suits leftovers, veggie scraps, and swimwear
  • Jumbo - built for leafy greens, breads, and toiletries

We’ve also pre-bundled them up for a discounted price:

  • 4 Pack - 1 pocket size, 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large
  • 10 Pack - 2 pocket size, 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large, 2 jumbo

Our Silicone Zip Sealers are the same sturdy, and flexible silicone food storage bags you expect, just without the slider.



What The Net Zero Fam Says

We got our Net Zero Fam, Chio, to try. This is what she says:

“I’m a chef by trade, and these [Silicone Zip Sealers] are a staple in the kitchen. I pre-peel my garlic and store them in the pocket size. The large size is great for greens from the garden.

They’re super handy for keeping my baby gear organized and leak-free when I’m out. I throw in bottles, diapers, and snacks in these sealers, and they’re good to go for my baby and my toddler!”

Huge thanks to Chio for being open to changing her habits and setting a great example. We know she’s a busy mama!



Kaizen; Continuous Improvement

All-in-all, what we want you to know is that your feedback matters!

We want to make sustainable products that are useful for your life. Our essential intent is to inspire sustainable change for a million households in North America by 2026.

Earth Talking with Strangers.

Thank you for your continued support and for contributing to a cleaner planet!


  • Carolynn Bloomer said:

    We have several of your silicone bags. The other day I wanted to cook two beets and, remembering Barbara Kafka’s instructions in her book “Microwave Gourmet”, I thought about how I could microwave them without the plastic wrap she recommends (and which I don’t use.) I quartered them and put them in a silicone bag without the slider (the top just kind of flopped over which was enough of a seal) and gave them 3-4 minutes in my microwave. It was a revelation; so fast, so clean, so easy! Within minutes I could slip the skins off and include them in my lovely “salad composé”!

    November 12, 2022

  • Lynn Hofschroer said:

    I just bought your reusable bags with the sliders. I love them. They are a little hard to put on. Due to I am 70 and my hands are a little weak. I would like to know how hard will it be with your new bags to close and open. Thank you

    August 19, 2022

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